Do you think money will solve all your problems and give you certainty? On this episode of The SUCCESS Magazine Podcast, host Amy Somerville sits down with the legendary Tony Robbins, a titan of personal and professional growth, a beacon of empowerment, and a bestselling author renowned for guiding millions to discover their best selves.

Tony talks about the essence of investing in oneself, reengineering our minds for certainty, and the transformative power of understanding the marketplace, wealth development and achieving success on our own terms. Plus, he shares his remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a pioneer in feeding millions through his philanthropic efforts, emphasizing the profound impact of giving back and investing in causes that transcend personal gain.

Listeners will also get an exclusive peek into Tony’s latest dive into the world of investing, with his third book in the finance trilogy, The Holy Grail of Investing. This episode of The SUCCESS Magazine Podcast not only equips listeners with the tools to thrive in their personal and financial lives, but also inspires a profound reflection on the values that shape our definitions of success and fulfillment. Join Amy and Tony on this inspirational journey as they unravel the secrets to transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, significance and lasting impact.