Top of Mind: Do These 5 Things to Stay Motivated

How Do You Motivate Yourself to Achieve More After Reaching a Big Goal?Anytime you hit a milestone, there is a temptation to relax. This temptation grows as your successes increase in significance. I fight this temptation by viewing each accomplishment as an opportunity to do even more, to achieve something even more significant, to have an even greater impact. After a quick celebration and some thoughtful reflection on how you achieved something, you should always be asking, What’s next?

Kestrel Linder, co-founder and CEO of GiveCampus

How Do You Motivate Yourself to Achieve More After Reaching a Big Goal?I start with one goal at a time. Many people I have met start with too many goals at the same time: Over time this results in decreased motivation and energy. You can always work on other goals when you’ve accomplished that main goal. The bigger the goal, the harder I find it is to stay focused on smaller steps. Building anticipation, excitement and motivation helps make the smaller steps become more doable.

Jan-Philipp Mohr, founder and CEO of Hashplay

How Do You Motivate Yourself to Achieve More After Reaching a Big Goal?To me, this is less about resting on laurels and more about the daunting nature of starting the next big thing right after I’ve finished the last one. It isn’t really achieving our goals that gives us satisfaction so much as it is chasing them. So when I turn my attention forward after reaching a big milestone, I try to focus on the process of what comes next, not the end game. That chase is usually a lot easier to get excited about.

Matt Naylor, co-founder and creative director of Flow Nonfiction

You have to remind yourself to take a step back and appreciate the successes you have achieved. Success breeds its own special kind of panic, and there will always be another goal you’re striving for to prove yourself. Celebrating what I have achieved is what gives me the courage and resolve to keep going, because the next challenge is always harder than the last one.

Krista Morgan, CEO, co-founder, P2Binvestor

I actually try not to motivate myself explicitly immediately after reaching a big goal. The first thing I try and do is enjoy reaching that goal as much as possible, whether that’s treating myself to something or celebrating with friends. What I find is that once the initial euphoria dies down, the new level you’ve reached seems like normal and I want to experience that euphoria again—which means setting an even bigger goal.

Harj Taggar, CEO of Triplebyte

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This article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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