I first found today’s guest when I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a video of a woman who was running down a country road, methodically—you could tell she was a runner; she had definitely done this before. She then turned her head to the camera and, mid-stride, said, matter of factly, “I’ve always been a motivated person.” 

Now, that statement alone wasn’t revolutionary—a lot of people would consider themselves a motivated person, myself included. But it wasn’t just the words she shared. There was something about the way she said them, like there was something more to it. I knew I had to talk to her myself to find out how this incredibly successful person has managed and broken through her own mental and physical barriers. That is the interview you will hear in this episode. 

If you are a motivated person and yet sometimes find yourself struggling with your own motivation, take a listen. 


Dubbed the “Renaissance runner” by The New York Times, Alexi Pappas is an Olympian long-distance athlete and an award-winning actor and writer. Her memoir, a collection of essays entitled Bravey with a forward by Maya Rudolph, was just released. In it, in addition to a whole variety of topics, she explores why she has refused to pick just one lane in her life; why she put in a tremendous amount of hard work and wouldn’t let anything stand in her way until she achieved all of her dreams, however unrelated they may seem to outsiders. 

Listen to the full episode to hear Alexi’s story and learn her take on “chasing dreams, befriending pain and other big ideas.” 


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