We hear a lot about haters—the people online who leave (really) unpleasant comments and direct messages. If you’ve ever received one yourself, you know it burns. The good news for most of us is it’s not that public. But imagine if it was—if you got up, put yourself out there, and not only were there haters, but millions of people were watching. And then add into that, that you’ve already been working so hard for so long, and you thought this moment could be your big break, would you get back up again?

That is the story you will hear in this episode.

Ally Brooke burst onto the music scene last decade as a member of Fifth Harmony and quickly became a fan favorite with her infectious positivity and approachable attitude, not to mention her incredible voice. Following the band’s meteoric rise to fame, she embarked on a solo career, releasing her own hit singles, joining the 28th season of Dancing with the Stars, and showing people everywhere the rewards of hard work and faith. Those lessons are the backbone of her debut memoir, Finding Your Harmony, in which she chronicles her meteoric rise and the obstacles she faced along the way.


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