If cauliflower can become pizza, you can be anything.

If you’ve ever considered being or becoming something or someone that on paper you really have no business being, like cauliflower and pizza, listen to this episode—it is exactly what you need.

Gail Becker is the founder of CAULIPOWER, one of the fastest-growing health food brands in the country, all based on a mission to reinvent our favorite comfort foods one healthy meal hack at a time. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Gail was the former President of Strategic Partnerships and Global Integration at the marketing and PR giant Edelman. She’s also a mom of two boys with Celiac disease, who after years of searching for nutritious, gluten-free options that weren’t overfilled with fat, sugar, salt and calories, set out to create the exact product she’d been desperately searching for.

Gail is a first-generation American. Both of her parents were immigrants, and when her father came the United States, he opened a small store in San Francisco where she would work for $20 a day plus lunch on Saturdays. Gail says that even though she had no idea at the time, she realizes now how much this “perch from which to view having your own business” set the stage for what she would ultimately do.

Listen to the full episode to hear Gail’s story and how she paved her own entrepreneurial path.

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