SUCCESS Stories Episode 110: Power of a Positive Inner Voice With Megan Tamte



Megan Tamte is the co-founder and co-CEO of EVEREVE clothing. Her company has nearly 100 stores across the United States and a successful e-commerce business that has grown every year since its start.

Megan started her business after a stressful shopping experience with her young daughter, which she took and re-imagined for women in her same situation—EVEREVE focuses on a target market of moms and career women. She spent four years dreaming of her future company, but she realized as an entrepreneur, you have to start doing even if you don’t have everything figured out.

The early entrepreneur stage can be scary. Listen to the full episode to hear Megan’s story and learn how she pushed through the self-doubt to show up as her best self every day.

A few lessons from Megan…

  • When you hear a call to action, listen to it and take it seriously. You never know when it will happen. It could happen while you are watching Netflix. The important thing is that you recognize it and act on it.
  • Change the tone of the voice in your head. If you have self-doubt, use words of affirmation and speak to yourself with compassion. Over time, that voice will be louder than the doubt.

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