Seema Bansal grew up watching her parents build businesses from the ground up. Their entrepreneurial spirits ingrained in her the desire to one day start her own business. Today, Seema is a self-made entrepreneur, having built a million-dollar floral business without a single investor. Venus ET Fleur has become a globally recognized brand and is coveted by many A-listers.

Seema’s journey to creating her company started when she received an arrangement of lackluster flowers on Valentine’s Day from her then boyfriend, now husband. Although they had only been dating for a couple months at that point, they decided to start a business together to make a better experience for others. Most important to Seema: presentation and quality.

Venus ET Fleur started locally out of Seema’s one-bedroom apartment in New York. Now, they’re shipping flowers internationally. Listen to the full episode to learn how Seema grew her business, despite challenges, by focusing on each part of it one-by-one.

A few lessons from

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