SUCCESS Is Proud to Be the First Magazine to Use Amazon’s Newest Voice Technology

Amazon Polly

We are thrilled to announce that SUCCESS magazine is taking a step into the future alongside BlueToad, our digital publishing partner, and Amazon Polly, a service that turns text into lifelike speech.

Today, Amazon Polly is releasing its newest cutting-edge voice technology: Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) and the Newscaster Style. The improved voice has the ability to read content in a more human-like manner, focusing on articulation and a more expressive voice, adapted based on the context. And SUCCESS is the first magazine to use the service for article narration, which will be available inside the digital editions.

So much of today’s audience is on the go and in the position to listen more. Focused on investing in its digital platforms, we are excited to utilize this next-generation voice technology and create a more accessible listening experience for our readers. “The trends increasingly show that consumers are gravitating towards audio content,” says Stuart Johnson, CEO of SUCCESS Partners. “With the exceedingly high quality speech that Polly now offers, we’re even better equipped to deliver these exceptional auditory experiences to our audience.”

The groundbreaking offering opens up more opportunities to engage you, our readers, in a way our iconic brand hasn’t before. Now, you don’t have to find the time read it all—you can listen to the same personal development and entrepreneurial advice that will help guide you toward your potential in an easily digestible format and likeable style.

Want to see and hear it for yourself? You can listen to the most recent digital edition of SUCCESS magazine here. Want even more? Get a digital subscription here.

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