Secrets of the Super Rich

While many daydream about what it would be like to be enormously wealthy (the kind of wealthy that means owning a different tropical island for every day of the week), it’s just not in the cards for most people. What we can do is study the principles of the uber-rich and learn their secrets to fulfill our own wealth destinies, albeit on a smaller scale. Who knows, maybe a tropical island is in your future!

1. Be Your Own Boss. According to the Federal Reserve, only 12 percent of Americans own a privately held business. Compare that number against the top 10 percent of wealthiest households, for whom 21 percent own their own business. Family-owned businesses are a considerable source of wealth for many of the most affluent households in America. Plus, that number is expanding with the new, startup businesses that are amassing small fortunes.

While starting and owning your own business poses potential risks, it can also be a direct precursor for unlimited wealth if careful considerations are weighed and you position yourself accordingly in the market. Read more about effectively managing your own business.

2. Trade and Invest Wisely. The ugly truth of investing is that many who do it actually lose money in the process. Not because the market is stacked against them, but because the investor isn’t truly educated. Many become overconfident with the power they possess to trade and invest right at their fingertips. For those who are educated, savvy and patient, the market can offer great rewards. What it comes down to is behavior, and for more about how to adopt the right wealth-centered attitude. Read 5 more tips to improve your wealth attitude.

3. Borrow Like a Pro. There’s a massive difference between those who are drowning in debt and those who borrow wisely. The wealthiest 10 percent of Americans are half as likely to have debt as their middle-income counterparts. Another thing the wealthy believe in is a mortgage-almost 60 percent have a primary mortgage, compared with a low 40% for the rest of the population. And although many own their homes outright, they’re often more apt to put their money to work for them through investments that yield higher returns. If you’re ready to learn the rest of what it takes, follow this link for expanded insight and expert analysis.


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