Rest, Renew, Reboot

Would you climb Mount Everest without an acclimation period? Of course not.

The same way, you shouldn’t start a training program without a period of time to renew, reset and reboot your body to prepare for a rigorous and challenging transformation.

Many people get real geared up when I say the worst time to start a fitness program is tomorrow. The only day worse than that is today.

Sure, everybody else is saying, “Get up off the couch and get moving today.

The problem is that Americans are overstressed, overserved, undernourished, and underslept. We’re not getting enough sleep and rest. And for many, our nutrition is out-of-whack. Our bodies and minds are in a state of stress.

And, while the tendency is to start training hard to kick off a transformation program, it’s important to note that training and conditioning your body adds stress… a positive stress in some ways, but it is still stress to the body.

I’ve talked to thousands of people who’ve eagerly engaged in a new training program; they go in full-on, ready to hit it, then, all of the sudden, they’re fatigued, they’re exhausted.

Over the last 10 years we’ve learned much from transformation programs, including: When your body is under stress, you can’t add stress to the stress.

Going from stress to stress causes your body to shut down. It’s called a catabolic state: Your body is breaking down… not building up.

In Strength for Life I set aside the first 12 days to ready yourself, to get prepped. This greatly improves your odds of not only starting your FIT for SUCCESS Challenge strong, but finishing strong with remarkable results.

We officially kick off the FIT for SUCCESS Challenge next Monday, June 1, with an abbreviated six-day reboot, but why wait? Start your reboot today and get a head start.

My gift to you. If you don’t own the book, go grab chapter 5 (pdf file) in its entirety now and begin with me tomorrow.

You’ll soon discover just how great you can feel in just 12 short days!

Join me as we set ourselves up for success and a transformative 90 days with Phase 1 of Strength for Life, the “Total System Reboot for Body and Mind,” a.k.a. the most important first move in fitness.


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