Reading List: The Power of Why

UPDATED: April 26, 2013
PUBLISHED: April 26, 2013

by C. Richard Weylman

Amazon Publishing/New Harvest; $24

Customers don’t care if you’ve been voted “best service three years running.” or that your store is the biggest in the state.” Self-congratulatory marketing won’t sell your company’s product or service, says C. Richard Weylman, chairman of Weylman Consulting Group. Customers want to do business with a firm that “is willing to make a clear, buyer-centric promise of outcome—up front, unconditional and unqualified.” It is a buyer-centric world, and you can't use seller-centric thinking. This Unique Value Promise (UVP) will separate your company from the competition by telling the customer what you stand for, what you’ll deliver, and how and why your service or product will make their lives easier, better, fuller or more fun. The UVP is based on a company’s deep “knowledge and understanding” of its customers’ perspective and needs. Weylman explains how to acquire that understanding and turn “loyalty-neutral customers into brand advocates.” The author offers six steps to help your company break out in a competitive marketplace. The Power of Why is full of timely, useful and digestible information presented in a clear and concise style. It's all about helping your performance, and using his expertise, your business can thrive.