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rich & REGULAR with Julien and Kiersten Saunders

Not rich and famous. rich & REGULAR. Sure, it would be great to be famous. But there’s a lot you can do on your income if you’re smart about it. SUCCESS Money Editors Kiersten and Julien Saunders give out the tips and tricks but also dive deeper into the concepts behind wise money management.

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Writing Your Money Story—the First Step to Financial Freedom

You may have heard people in the personal finance space discussing their money stories—the impressions we gain about money from our parents in our early years—and how those stories impact our adult lives. It can take time to parse out all the elements of your particular money story, but the benefits can help you see your blind spots and take significant steps forward on your money journey. 

Transforming Your Relationship with Money

We are often told by personal finance experts that money should only be viewed as a tool to reach our goals, with no emotions attached to it. For many of us, money is a symbol of past financial mistakes that cause feelings of fear, shame and guilt that follow us throughout our lives. If your parents struggled with money, it can feel as though they doomed you to have a horrible relationship with your finances as well. With that feeling comes a sense you can never reach your financial goals. Thankfully, your relationship with money doesn’t have to be a futile struggle, but it does take effort to turn that relationship into something healthy. 

How to Define and Plan for Financial Freedom

Why do we earn money? There are various reasons, but for a lot of us, the answer is to find freedom. Once you’ve covered your necessities, you can start to look further down the road toward financial independence, which leads to actual freedom—the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it. 

SUCCESS Stories with Madison Pieper

Welcome to the SUCCESS Stories podcast with Madison Pieper. In this podcast series, Madison will take you behind the scenes with the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs. You’ll hear the stories behind their success that you haven’t heard anywhere else.

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Picking Your Own Path with Judy Joo

Balancing your parents’ plans for your life with your own dreams can be hard—often something the children of immigrants know well… including Judy Joo.

The SUCCESS Line with Rory Vaden

SUCCESS Entrepreneurship editor Rory Vaden knows what it means to be an entrepreneur. Each week, the New York Times best-selling author, founder of Brand Builders Group and founder of seven, six-figure businesses gives one-on-one coaching to everyday entrepreneurs facing real-world challenges.

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Latest Episodes

Feeling Overwhelmed? How to Find Time Without Sacrificing Self-Care

Regardless of what you may be rebounding from—a new child, a lost job, a big move, etc.—read on for my top three tips to break free from chronic overwork, multiply your time and take care of yourself (and your loved ones) in the future.

How to Get People to Care About (and Support) Your Business

This week’s conversation on SUCCESS Line was an important one, and I am so grateful to my guest for her honesty and vulnerability in sharing her story. I talk to Sharon, a successful real-estate appraiser with more than 25 years of experience. She is also someone who has seen, personally, the havoc depression can wreak on someone’s life. After walking through her pain and surviving it, she started a nonprofit to help other women battling depression and anxiety get the help they need.

Website Copywriting Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: 3 Tips for Selling Your Brand Through Words

Almost all young entrepreneurs lack clarity around their position in the marketplace, and this week’s guest is no different. Craig is a young entrepreneur in Utah who, like me, got his start in door-to-door sales. But he has always loved coaching and teaching, and his dream is to become a public speaker and best-selling author. So how does he break through the noise and get his message out there? And how does he know who most needs to hear what he has to say?

Brilliant Thoughts with Tristan Ahumada

Brilliant Thoughts is about people. It’s about how relationships shape careers. It’s about how influence shapes industries. It’s about how at the end of the day, ones and zeroes on spreadsheets represent real humans and no one is going to find success without keeping that top of mind.

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Latest Episodes

The Art of Persuasion: 4 Tips to Master Influence

In business, your ability to influence people is everything. You need to inspire smart, hardworking experts to join your team and help you grow your business. A customer needs lots of convincing before they open their purse or wallet to buy your products. In both cases, persuasion is your best tool for steering people in the right direction.

3 Ways to Practice Radical Kindness with Your Employees

In this episode of Brilliant Thoughts, SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada talks to Glenn and Mindy Stearns (Burbano) about leading with kindness. Mindy is a media personality and philanthropist who loves to help others. Glenn works in real estate and wants to change the aggressive, profit-driven side of his industry. He recently founded Kind Lending, a company where “fun is mandatory” and “friendly professionals” assist homebuyers.

Strong Relationships Are Still the Key to Business Success

You’re never alone in your business—not even as a solopreneur. From customers to wholesale retailers to investors, there’s a larger ecosystem supporting your dreams. Weaving all these facets together so your business can thrive is an underrated skill. Entrepreneurs who do it well aren’t just great at running a business; they’re experts at building new relationships with the right people.

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