rich & REGULAR with Julien and Kiersten Saunders

Not rich and famous. rich & REGULAR. Sure, it would be great to be famous. But there’s a lot you can do on your income if you’re smart about it. Money experts Kiersten and Julien Saunders give out the tips and tricks but also dive deeper into the concepts behind wise money management.

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What Is Media Literacy and How Can You Improve Yours?

If you find yourself wondering if what you’re seeing online is accurate, developing your critical thinking skills might be helpful. Determining the likelihood of the truth behind a statement, and where to verify that information, can make your social media browsing a little less fraught and help you feel a little more confident about the information you’re receiving.

Protect Your Assets: How to Find the Right Homeowners Insurance for You

Getting too much coverage, of course, can also be a problem since you’re paying for more than you need. Consumer Reports recommends buying enough coverage to cover the material and labor costs to rebuild your home if it’s destroyed. Work with your insurance agent to determine how much you need and be sure to account for any improvements you’ve made over the years.

How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Work Life

If you grew up believing that there was only one type of intelligence—and you either had it or didn’t—it may surprise you to learn that there are several different types, encompassing everything from spatial awareness to music. One of the most critical to develop in the workplace is emotional intelligence, which is the ability to perceive, manage and regulate your emotions. Emotional intelligence can offer perspective in stressful situations and can help us discern optimism from toxic positivity when things look rough.

In the Details with Karen Allen

Keynote speaker Karen M. Allen is interested in the little things. What's the small routine change that unlocks big gains? What's the minor mindset shift that causes a major change in lifestyle? Karen dives into the lives of successful people to explore what little things have made the difference for them.

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The SUCCESS Line with Ben Fairfield

SUCCESS Coaching Managing Director Ben Fairfield talks with members of the audience about real business problems and draws on 10,000 hours of coaching experience to offer wisdom and solutions.

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Latest Episodes

3How to Find Your Audience (Because You Don’t Need Everyone)

It starts with being authentic. You don’t need everyone; you need the right people. And sure, being authentic might mean that some people won’t be interested. But more importantly, the people who are interested are the ones who are truly committed and want to follow you down the path you are forging.

5 How to Build Your First Client Base

How do we build a clientele and get the attention of the right people? It is a question that so many of us have, whether you are starting a business from scratch like Brad or are further along and find your business is not working out. Wherever you are in the process, I have three tips to help you uncover the action strategies you need to take to build the business of your dreams.

What Would You Do with an Extra Hour in Your Day?

But there is a sneaky truth: time management is a myth. If you’re tired of doing more every day but never feeling like you did enough, I have some solutions. But we first have to take responsibility. We cannot manage time; we can only manage ourselves.

SUCCESS Movie Rewind

SUCCESS Movie Rewind with Alex Stevens

We watch movies through a personal development lens. What can they teach us about life? What lessons can we apply to our life and business? SUCCESS Movie Rewind covers modern blockbusters and classic favorites in a way readers of the magazine will enjoy.

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Latest Episodes

Unlock Your Future with Lessons from ‘Back to the Future’

Your responsibility is that of a literal trailblazer. Whether you intend for them to or not, other people may follow the course you are setting, the path you’re paving. You have to make sure that the path is responsible and somehow providing value or usefulness to the world. It can’t just be a new path for newness’ sake.

Embrace the Chaos and Other Lessons from ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

In her most recent book, Atlas of the Heart, Brené Brown refers to the ability to be hypersensitive and thoroughly process and communicate emotion as a superpower. And it is—it’s a superpower that Brown and Spider-Man share and use to better the world. Facing the seemingly impossible task of changing the world, Spider-Man and Brown had to start somewhere. You do, too.

Brilliant Thoughts with Tristan Ahumada

Brilliant Thoughts is about people. It’s about how relationships shape careers. It’s about how influence shapes industries. It’s about how at the end of the day, ones and zeroes on spreadsheets represent real humans and no one is going to find success without keeping that top of mind.

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Latest Episodes

Win Together, Lose Together: Embracing a Collective Approach to Negotiation with Barry Nalebuff

Most people have been taught that it’s smart to withhold information in a negotiation—that secrecy gives them power. Nalebuff says that’s not exactly true. In many situations, revealing information, especially as it relates to interests and intentions, can be a helpful tool to increase understanding between parties.

Miracle Mornings, Letting Go of Control and Finding Inner Freedom with Hal Elrod

If you hate waking up early, don’t panic. You can still practice the lessons in Elrod’s 2012 best-seller, The Miracle Morning. That’s because the point of his book isn’t to get readers to wake up at dawn, but to show them the power of performing intentional rituals at the start of each and every day.

The Secret to Sales Isn’t What You Think

Whether readers are understanding this work in a new context or they’re grasping it for the very first time, it’s clear that something’s changed. In the past two years, Burg has seen the biggest shift in his emails. His readers message him just to say they finally realized it’s not about them; it’s about giving to others.

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