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rich & REGULAR with Julien and Kiersten Saunders

Not rich and famous. rich & REGULAR. Sure, it would be great to be famous. But there’s a lot you can do on your income if you’re smart about it. SUCCESS magazine Money Editors Kiersten and Julien Saunders give out the tips and tricks but also dive deeper into the concepts behind wise money management.

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Latest Episodes

Want Financial Security? Prepare for the Worst

How much wisdom is in the old saying, “plan for the worst, but hope for best?” In this episode, Julien and Kiersten argue against our cultural staple of indefinite optimism. There is now enough data to suggest that most working-age Americans’ financial forecast should include plans for a sudden job loss or significant disruption income. Nobody likes to imagine the worst-case scenario, but it may be the key to building financial resilience. 

7 Ways to Keep Expensive Hobby Costs Down

Expensive is a relative term, but some hobbies are more costly than others. What impact do your hobbies have on your financial plan? 

Family Ties: How to Disagree Respectfully

In this week’s episode, we discuss the interpersonal conflict that comes with tackling a meaningful financial goal. In fact, conflict is usually a key theme in most financial advice. The harsh truth is though your self-esteem can take a hit when the people closest to you don’t support your financial decisions, it’s not a reason to stop. 

SUCCESS Stories with Kindra Hall

SUCCESS Stories with Kindra Hall

Welcome to the SUCCESS Stories podcast with Kindra Hall, presented by SUCCESS Magazine. In this podcast series, Kindra will take you behind the scenes with the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs. You’ll hear the stories behind their success that you haven’t heard anywhere else.

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Latest Episodes

How to Balance Work and Family Without Feeling Like a Failure

Successful adults today face more challenges than ever as the demands of both parenting and the workplace continue to evolve. Daisy Dowling has seen this firsthand in her experiences as an executive coach and a mother. She talks with Kindra about how to think about these dueling responsibilities and gives some tips for succeeding at both.

Everyone Has a Story—Here’s How to Make Yours Resonate

Kindra embraces her role as SUCCESS’s Chief Storytelling Officer to talk about the mechanics of a good story. She uses examples to illustrate that we all have valuable stories to tell. She concludes by offering thoughts on how to tell emotional stories effectively.

I’m Speaking: Communication Tools to Help Women Reclaim Their Power in Conversations

After suffering a serious brain injury in a traffic accident, Eliza VanCort was forced to rebuild her communication abilities from the ground up. That journey reshaped her perception of personal relations. That lead to her book, A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space. Specifically, she gained key insights into how women can change their communication style in order to better make their voice heard.

The SUCCESS Line with Rory Vaden

SUCCESS Entrepreneurship editor Rory Vaden knows what it means to be an entrepreneur. Each week, the New York Times best-selling author, founder of Brand Builders Group and founder of seven, six-figure businesses gives one-on-one coaching to everyday entrepreneurs facing real-world challenges.

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Latest Episodes

How to Scale Your Business While Kicking Self-Doubt to the Curb

Bret is a Broadway actor with a burgeoning career as a coach. He seeks counsel on how to balance these two paths. Rory also breaks down Bret’s efforts to acquire customers and supplies math to suggest that those efforts are going better than Bret realizes.

How to Sharpen Your Business Focus

Dawn is considering a transition from real estate to coaching but wants to know how she will be sure it is the right move. She also has questions about the optimal way to structure her new coaching business. Rory offers advice.

The 3 Most Important Financial Checkpoints of Your Life

Justine has a successful branding business but finds herself restless and unable to enjoy the success she has achieved. Rory offers some perspective adjustments to allow her to move past the roadblocks preventing her from feeling satisfaction. 

Brilliant Thoughts with Tristan Ahumada

Brilliant Thoughts is about people. It’s about how relationships shape careers. It’s about how influence shapes industries. It’s about how at the end of the day, ones and zeroes on spreadsheets represent real humans and no one is going to find success without keeping that top of mind.

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Latest Episodes

Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur: 5 Lessons from Viral TikTok Star London Lazerson

London Lazerson is a TikTok sensation with 4.5 million followers and countless hilarious videos. He tells Tristan how he built his following. He also shares tips for leveraging a following to establish brand deals.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Brain and Body for a Busy Day

Jim Kwik has turned a traumatic brain injury as a child into a lifetime of unlocking the brain’s secrets. He shares a volume of insights with Tristan concerning how you can harness your brain to maximize happiness and productivity.

How to Make Better Business Decisions

Mike Scioscia is one of the great baseball players of the last 40 years. As a catcher with the Dodgers, he won the World Series twice, made two All-Star games and was one of just seven major leaguers to appear in the iconic Simpsons episode, “Homer at the Bat.” Following his playing career, he managed the Angels for 19 seasons, winning manager of the year twice and bringing the franchise their only World Series in 2002. These days, he is managing Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics, but he was kind enough to take some time to share the lessons he has learned over his truly impressive career.

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