In the May Issue of SUCCESS, Take a Look Inside the Life of Michelle Phan and Discover How She Turned One YouTube Makeup Tutorial Video Into a Multimillion-Dollar Beauty Empire

DALLAS — Michelle Phan made a YouTube tutorial video for how to apply natural-looking makeup in 2007 from her home in Tampa, Florida. Flash forward a decade later and she now has a wildly popular YouTube channel with over 1 billion lifetime views, a beauty subscription service, ipsy, valued at $500 million, her own makeup line, EM Cosmetics, and a book, Makeup: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success—Online and Off.

Born in Boston to Vietnamese immigrants, Phan says she was always an outsider growing up. She spent most of her time alone, sketching and blogging. She was met with numerous challenges as a child—her family’s money issues led to numerous evictions and she constantly had to change schools. But she believes these struggles have helped mold her into the successful person she is today. “All these trials you go through really do forge you,” she says. “They’ve forged me. It’s like bones. Every time you break your bone it becomes stronger.”

Now based in Santa Monica, California, the beauty maven prioritizes balance in her life. After too much daily grinding led to burnout, she shifted her priorities to focus more on meditating, spending time in nature and traveling, while also maintaining her businesses. She also holds a big-picture perspective of the success she has achieved in such a short amount of time—she followed her calling and built something amazing from scratch and she believes if others follow their true calling, they can, too.

“You become successful based on everything that you encounter in life, good or bad. It shapes who you are and who you need to be today.”

—Michelle Phan tells SUCCESS in the May 2017 issue

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