From the Editor: What Really Matters in Your Life?

With the holiday season close, and as we gather our families near, SUCCESS focuses on the theme of significance in our upcoming December issue. I asked a few staffers what that word meant to them, and here are some of their replies:

“I like to go down to South Dallas some Saturdays with a group from my church to help cook breakfast for the homeless. I’ll admit that on some Saturdays sleeping in wins over, but when I do go, it feels good that on that morning I helped make a small difference in someone’s day.”

Jesus Jimenez

“After college, I moved 10 hours away from my parents and sisters, but they remain my constant in life—my constant source of support, happiness, love and significance.”

Jessica Krampe

“I try at all times to be pleasant to the people with whom I interact, which I think is significant. You never know what’s going on in people’s lives, so it’s important to treat them all with courtesy. If a waiter brings me the wrong order, I’m polite and patient, and I don’t hold it against him when it’s time to tip. When driving, I always let people merge into my lane. These simple niceties make me feel good about myself.”

Josh Ellis

“My three daughters are my legacy, and in them I find most of my significance. My husband and I raised all three to be kind, honest, hardworking and good to the earth, and I’m very proud to say that my now-young-adult offspring are all of these things.”

Mary Vinnedge

“I volunteer regularly—cooking and serving meals at a homeless rehabilitation center every month and teaching local entrepreneurs in Ghana how to build sustainable businesses, to name my most recent endeavors. I find meaning in my faith and relationship with God, which fuels my desire to live a life of purpose. Living with purpose makes it easier to wake up early on Saturdays to serve at Reconciliation Outreach or spend precious vacation time in an area without electricity or modern plumbing—and I plan to do it again next year! I’ve never felt more fulfilled than I do now, in my quest to bring fulfillment to others.”

Jennifer Chang

Happy holidays from our SUCCESS family to yours!


Purpose is essential to true contentment. Discover more about what significance really is in this philosophic take on what creates happiness. 


Susan Kane is former editor in chief of SUCCESS. She relocated from New York City, where she was editor of publications such as Parenting and New Woman.

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