Ep. 97: Your New Year’s Resolution Checkup

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Did you set a New Year’s resolution this year? We did. On this episode, Josh and Shelby share a few of them. They also share some pointers for those struggling with their resolutions already, and they give you three core concepts to increase your grit and help you achieve any goal.


  • Josh and Shelby check in on their resolutions so far:
    • Josh: “It’s going all right, I think. My biggest thing, as far as respect goes, that I’m paying attention to with people is just listening… rather than being so caught up in myself or what I’m going to say.”
      • His full list:
        • Be more respectful by being a better listener.
        • Be a better partner in my relationship.
        • Be open to more experiences.
        • Be fit.
    • Shelby: “If I’m controlling my thoughts and not letting that little voice inside kind of control me, I’m just a lot more powerful, and I like to say I think I’m seeing results already.”
      • Her full list:
        • Be a positive thinker by curbing negative thoughts.
        • Be an amazing public speaker.
  • How are your resolutions going? Josh and Shelby share a few ways to stick to your goals, with tips from SUCCESS.com:
    • Create strong habits.
    • Remember who you were before the bad ones set in.
    • Seek joy to make the journey easier.
    • Use incentives.
    • Stick to your core values.
  • Listen to the SUCCESS staff share their resolutions for 2018.
  • Find out how to increase your grit.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“Grit applies to any goal. If your goal is to be a better partner, if it’s to lose weight—whatever it is—you’ve got to keep at it and you’ve got to persevere, right? So it applies to staying the course in achieving your resolution.”

Josh Ellis

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