Ep. 96: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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As we start the new year, we channel a little Aretha Franklin in talking about respect—the theme of this month’s issue of SUCCESS magazine. We hear from the Art of Charm’s Jordan Harbinger on the importance of leaving things better than you found them. Plus, we share five ways to become a go-to person who people respect.

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  • For Harbinger, networking with respect is simply an opportunity to give. Here’s his philosophy on making authentic connections:
    • Be a multiplier.
      • “Whereas [Alec] Baldwin memorably pounded into the luckless real estate brokers to always be closing, I went with always be giving.”
    • Don’t expect anything in return.
      • “I tried to always figure out how I could help others without the expectation of anything in return, without keeping score.”
    • Shift the focus from yourself to others.
      • “If I was looking at each interaction from the perspective of how I could give, and that I should always leave something or someone better then I found them, it meant I wasn’t focused on myself but entirely focused on others.”
  • Josh and Shelby share five tips for gaining respect:
    • Be cool, calm and collected.
    • Be consistent.
    • Be mindful of other people’s time.
    • Be an enthusiastic listener.
    • Be slow to act. Think first!

Favorite quote from this episode:

“But networking isn’t something you do. It’s an always on mindset. If I can avoid thinking of networking as something that I turn on and off but rather as a positive way to be, I can reinforce my notion to always be giving.”

Jordan Harbinger

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