Ep. 83: The Best Apps to Help You Get Stuff Done

Ep. 83: The Best Apps to Help You Get Stuff Done

This week we explore ways that technology can help you be more productive. Espree Devora of WeAreLATech and the Women in Tech Podcast joins us and shares some of her favorite apps for delegating work and getting things done faster. And Josh and Shelby highlight a few of the more popular apps that can help you focus by managing your time, exercising your brain, getting you moving physically and gamifying your productivity.

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  • Devora shares a unique story about how she outsourced her dating life for peak productivity:
    • “When it comes to my dating, I cannot stand dating apps…. I hired a virtual assistant in New York to log into all my online dating profiles. She wouldn’t pretend to be me. She would say, ‘Hey, listen I think you’d be a good match with my boss.’ And then I would meet the guy, and it was great.”
    • “I also outsourced my love life to Facebook ads. So I bought a bunch of Facebook ads and targeted exactly the kind of person that I thought was a good match for me.”
  • For entrepreneurs looking to maximize their productivity, Devora shares a few invaluable tips:
    • Set goals and then use a planner to stay on track. Devora recommends Ink + Volt Planner.
    • Review your day with the Five Minute Journal app. It’s a great way to monitor where your time goes.
    • Find a problem you can solve and start charging clients for your services. PayPal, Venmo or Square make it easy to process payments.
    • For entrepreneurs and regular folks alike, try using Fancy Hands. This service completes tasks in 20-minute increments (making phone calls, reservations, booking travel, etc.).

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Favorite quote from this episode:

“I believe success is executing, right?… Execution is like, ‘I have this idea; let me take the first steps to buy the domain and start building a website or start reaching out for customer validation to see if people really purchase this thing. ’ The definition of success is execution.”

Espree Devora

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