Ep. 7: Inspire and Be Inspired



Need to get inspired? Gather inspiration from the late Jim Rohn, the legendary motivational speaker and author, whose words are an inspiration to millions. Also learn the origins of inspiration; what researchers believe is the key to finding it and how one reader used an inspirational moment to change his life.


  • Josh practices Latin pronunciations as he dives into what inspiration really means, why it matters and how to find it.
  • Ancients believed inspiration is correlated with our breathing. We gather our thoughts on the “in” breath and release them on the “out” breath.
  • Studies show “inspired” writers are more efficient, spend less time pausing, and spend more time writing.
  • How do you overcome a lack of inspiration? Learn Josh and Shelby’s tips for overcoming writer’s block and finally getting in the flow.
  • SUCCESS reader Brendan was fired from three jobs before he found his moment of inspiration and began his personal-development journey.


Favorite quote from this episode:

“If you struggle to make something clear for someone else, it helps to make it more clear for you.”

—Jim Rohn

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