Ep. 57: Lewis Howes on What Makes a Leader Stand Out

Leadership. It’s a common theme in the pages of SUCCESS and on this podcast. What makes a great leader? How can an emerging generation of young leaders who are living different paths to success from past generations lead effectively? Josh and Shelby explore these topics with author and fellow podcaster Lewis Howes on today’s episode. Plus, they share some timeless wisdom from Brian Tracy on the six qualities of a charismatic leader to compare how these traits apply to a new generation of leaders.

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Howes shares a trait all emerging leaders have in common: “They understand the importance of giving back. The leaders I’m talking about [are] most millennials. People think that they’re very selfish and that they don’t have an understanding of giving back… but [these] leaders really stand out…. They’re not only focused on their needs, they’re focused on ‘we’ as opposed to ‘me.’”

  • Howes has interviewed some very successful entrepreneurs, like skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, on The School of Greatness podcast. He shares a few of his interviewees’ keys to success:
    • Clarity: having the exact vision of what you want to achieve
    • A champion mindset: believing in yourself and your dream
    • And self-driven purpose: a key that Howes personally defined for himself. As an athlete who knows how it feels to achieve something and feel empty moments afterward, he now does things because he wants to―and not just to prove others wrong.
  • Lastly, Josh and Shelby share more traits of successful leaders, straight from SUCCESS.com. In the article “6 Qualities of a Charismatic Leader,” Brian Tracy describes the type of leaders who accept themselves and earn the respect of those around them. Read more about those traits right here.

More tools for success:

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Favorite quote from this episode:

“The key to happiness is really progress and growth and constantly working on yourself and developing something. It’s when we stop growing [that] things start to get frustrating.”

Lewis Howes

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