Ep. 56: Generosity Can Extend Your Life

On this week’s episode, we explore the power of giving. More and more companies are doing their part and giving back to society. Josh and Shelby share a few of these companies and discuss conscious consumerism―how the way purchasing something you were already going to buy anyway can make a difference.  Plus, we give you seven science-based reasons why generosity is not just good for your soul but also for your health.

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  • Josh and Shelby discuss companies that are making a difference by leaving the world in better shape than they found it. Here are a few practicing the one-to-one business model of donating the same products consumers purchase for themselves:
    • TOMS (footwear)
    • Warby Parker (eyewear)
    • Love Your Melon (hats and apparel)
    • Humble Brush (toothbrushes)
    • Pacha Soap (hygiene)
    • FEED (fighting hunger)
    • Roma Boots (footwear)
    • Jonas Umbrellas (rain protection)
    • This Bar Saves Lives (nutrition bar)
    • Gives (flavored water)
    • LSTN Sound (speakers, headphones, etc.)
    • Bogo Bowl (pet food)
    • Figs (health care uniforms)
  • Social psychologist Liz Dunn found that not being generous (or just extremely stingy) can actually stress you out. Her study showed that the shame of keeping money for oneself resulted in higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Here’s how generosity can stop this from happening:
    • It increases your happiness at work.
    • It provides a lower risk of early death.
    • It gives a strong sense of community.
    • It results in improved relationships.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“Remember, we can all make a difference, one small step or product at a time.”

Shelby Skrhak

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