Ep. 29: The Art of Mentorship With Kevin O’Leary

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This week’s episode of SUCCESS Insider reveals a secret to success: having a mentor. Learning from others and developing deep, valuable relationships is key to any success. Josh and Shelby sit down with Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary to find out how he mentors the entrepreneurs he invests in. “The important thing in that relationship as a mentor to someone who is going to learn from you is not to try to impose your values and thoughts uniquely; it’s to give them options and choices and make them think through their decisions,” O’Leary says. “The value of a mentor is to expand your thought process, to help you think of alternatives that perhaps you hadn’t thought of.”

On the subject, we also pull a clip from the archives of personal development icon Jim Rohn. “Mr. Shoaf, over a five year period before he died at age 49, taught me some extraordinarily simple things,” Rohn says. “It was just basic, blunt, ABC kind of stuff that I had not thought of before and he did start to remind me and those ideas changed my life.” Find more Jim Rohn at SUCCESS Academy’s MentortotheMasters.com.

Finally we discuss the ways, once you find a mentor, that you can put their time and knowledge to good use.


  • The single-most important lesson that Kevin O’Leary’s mentor, his stepfather, taught him
  • Why mentorship isn’t about advice; it’s about sharing options
  • O’Leary says mentorship isn’t a two-way street. Hear why he doesn’t expect anything back from his mentees.
  • Borrow this productivity tip from the Shark Tank investor: Before you do anything else, pick 3 things you deem very important that you’ll accomplish today.
  • What to do when “the poo-poo hits the fan,” as O’Leary says
  • Jim Rohn shares how an encounter with a Girl Scout changed his outlook on money.
  • “Success is something you attract by the person you become.” — Jim Rohn
  • “If you want the things on the higher shelves, you’ve got to stand on the books you read.” — Jim Rohn

Favorite quote from this episode:

“My mother taught me once a long time ago that there is the idea of karma and one of the ways to breach it and make it angry at you is to boast about wealth.”

Kevin O’Leary

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