Ep. 26: How to Push Yourself to Greatness

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You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them and beyond. This week Josh and Shelby take a closer look at what it takes to push yourself to be the best. They talk with Mike Graff, executive editor of Charlotte Magazine, who recently pushed himself more than he ever thought possible by hiking alone, with no training, on one of the country’s most challenging trails. Shelby reads an excerpt from Graff’s September 2016 feature where Michael describes his frightening predicament. We also hear the actual audio from Mike’s trek in the woods as he realizes just how lost and alone he really was. “Up until then, it had been a walk,” Graff tells Josh and Shelby. “This was the moment I realized I could scream, I could holler, I could float downstream, and nobody was going to see me or hear me.”

If you ever wanted to know about the world’s tallest dog, Shelby can tell you about that and a few other fun Guinness World Records, including that of SUCCESS contributing editor Jeff Vrabel, who broke a world record for the most Bruce Springsteen songs identified from their lyrics in one minute. We’ll hear the surprising lesson Jeff learned from committing himself to this feat.


  • Hear Mike Graff’s audio from the trip and why he started referring to himself as “we”
  • Why pushing yourself to the limit is the best way to see what you’re capable of
  • How Mike stopped panic in its tracks with this realization
  • Lost and alone: We discuss why these 2 themes in life scare us so much
  • Why trekking through the woods is an allegory for our lives
  • How to break a Guinness World Record with no prior talent

Favorite quote from this episode:

“In a moment like that, you don’t have a choice. You gotta do the things you gotta do to get out of there alive.”

—Mike Graff

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