Ep. 22: SUCCESS Chat With Dr. Henry Cloud

Have a hard time trusting people? This week Josh and Shelby discuss ways to build trust in any kind of relationship with Dr. Henry Cloud, best-selling author of Boundaries: When to Say Yes and When to Say No to Take Control of Your Life. His new book, The Power of the Other, explores how other people both positively and negatively affect our performance and achievement. We hear about leadership from SUCCESS Leadership Editor John Addison and we share a few ways you can build trust in your own life.


  • Dr. Cloud reveals the surprising ways people have power over us, whether good or bad.
  • If others have such an influence on us, then it’s essential to have the right kind of people around us. Here’s how to recognize our inner cues to find the right friends, partners and companions for you.
  • Can you trust them? Use this fast 5-question test to decide whether someone is trustworthy.
  • “Trust is the most critical component of leadership,” says John Addison. Here’s why.
  • John Addison shares the importance of being the kind of leader people trust. Josh and Shelby share simple ways to establish yourself as a trusted leader or teammate.


“Trust is about one good experience that leads to another. You have to see a track record before you give more of yourself.”

—Dr. Henry Cloud



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