Ep. 17: Face Your Fears

92 percent of what we worry about never happens, so why are we so afraid to face our fears? In this episode, Shelby and Josh sit down with SUCCESS Associate Editor Jamie Friedlander, who tried to conquer her fear of public speaking by taking on stand-up comedy. Plus we reveal our biggest fears and how we faced them head on… or not. And then we take a look at the science behind our most basic instincts of fight or flight in a conversation with Jeff Wise, the author of Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger.


  • Jamie tackles stand-up comedy and learns to relinquish control and relax in social situations, and to continuously push herself out of her comfort zone (she might even try skydiving).
  • Listen to the harrowing details of Josh and Shelby’s past scares and how the experiences changed them.
  • Author Jeff Wise says we all innately possess the will and strength to survive in life-threatening situations. He details the different stages of fight or flight and how people experience both, rather than one or the other.
  • Fear appears in threatening situations, but it’s supposed to immediately dissipate. Lasting fear can physically and emotionally break you down and keep you from living your best life. Learn how to control your fear before it controls you.


Favorite quote from this episode:

“Fear comes from a deep-seated place of feeling rather than thinking.”

—Jeff Wise

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