Ep. 15: SUCCESS Chat With Peter Diamandis

If you could, would you want to live forever? Would you settle for a couple of centuries? In this episode we explore the elusive concept of longevity and how it affects how you think about your life, your body and even your personal achievement goals.  Josh chats with Peter Diamandis, best-selling author and co-founder of Longevity Inc. about why longevity studies are important and how they will shape our future.  Plus we share a clip from the SUCCESS Talks archives where Ray Kurzweil shares the three bridges to radical life extension.


  • What would you ask for if a genie could grant you three wishes? Josh and Shelby reveal their three childhood wishes.
  • SUCCESS Ambassador Peter Diamandis sits down with Josh to chat about healthy long life, abundant living and chasing your dreams.
  • Shelby reveals her own struggle with the imperfect science of modern medicine and how Diamandis’ plans for a longer, healthier future could change something as small as kidney stone prevention and as large as cancer prevention.
  • Bonus clip: Take your life into your own hands. Ray Kurzweil, futurist and “Edison’s rightful heir” says healthy longevity starts with what you can do today—but with a mentality of getting to the next phase.

Favorite quote from this episode:

“I remember watching a TV show about species of whales and turtles that were able to live hundreds of years… why can’t we?”

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