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Rachel Glass has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but only recently has she gotten a chance to put it to use. After graduating from business school in 2006, Glass worked in hedge fund fundraising for about 10 years. It was a financially secure job, one which allowed her to have a relatively entrepreneurial role even in the financial sector. But after having her second daughter, the reality of feeling like she wasn’t in a job she truly loved began to weigh on her. Wanting to create her own business so she could spend more time with her family, Glass returned to an idea she’d held onto since college. And so, GLOSSLAB was born.

The company itself wasn’t a new idea, but Glass expanded on an existing formula to fill a void she had noticed. The hygiene- and efficiency-focused, membership-based nail salon is one of a kind, as is its design and branding. For Glass, it’s important that each salon feels the same no matter where it’s located, so the same tools and collage wall exist in every location—as does the brand’s unconventional nail polish wall, which utilizes tiles with painted nails instead of a rack of bottles, allowing customers to see the actual color of the polish. 

Glass and Brilliant Thoughts host Tristan Ahumada discuss how she got the business started, what Glass looks for in new hires and the tools that keep her motivated and avoiding burnout.


Rachel Glass founded GLOSSLAB in 2018 with a mission to modernize the nail salon experience with its hygiene-first, membership-focused concept. Prepandemic, GLOSSLAB had two studios in New York City and now has 21 locations open across the U.S., including New York, Florida, New Jersey and Texas. Find Glass on Instagram at @rachaglass and @glosslab.

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Tristan Ahumada is the People Editor for SUCCESS, operates Lab Coat Agents as its CEO, consults Fortune 500 companies, runs a successful Real Estate team in California, expansion teams in the U.S. (in different brokerages), owner in one Brokerage, currently sits on different boards for tech companies, and is also an international speaker. His love for technology and systems pushes him to test and use the latest products for growth for all businesses around the world including Real Estate Agents/Brokers. Tristan is from Southern California where he currently lives with his wife and two kids.

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