10 Steps to Serious Goal-Getting from Zig Ziglar 

10 Steps to Serious Goal-Getting from Zig Ziglar 

Regardless of your goal—losing weight, furthering your education, earning a promotion, saving money for a new home or an exotic vacation—you can expect to achieve your goal if you plan and prepare for it.

Ziglar: 3 Things to Do When You Make a Mistake

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had as much foresight as hindsight, if we were able to avoid ever making a mistake? Not only is that unrealistic, it’s unwise… Out of mistakes come major accomplishments—because mistakes are often the springboard for success. Once, Thomas Edison was working with a lab assistant who was coming up […]

5 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Regret Your Next Decision


Is it hard for you to make decisions? Do you worry that your choices aren’t good ones—and later regret them? Or do you lack the confidence to make quick, or merely timely, verdicts? Well, a lot of people worry about their decision-making abilities, and I bet if I were to ask you your routine for […]