Seeking Advice: The Wisest Way to Hit the Next Level of Success

Learning from others who have achieved the kind of results you’re looking for is one of the wisest—and quickest—ways to hit the next level of success you’ve targeted. This crucial piece of the success puzzle catapults results to heights you could never achieve alone. First: The Who In the best scenario, you’ll seek the advice […]

3 Quick Tips to Be a Better Reader

The smartest people I’ve met love to learn. They thrive on new ideas and read many books and articles that change and challenge their thinking. These tips will help you reap more from reading: 1. Recap your reading. Highlight key information in what you read and type it into recaps that you can revisit and study. […]

6 Ways to Motivate People to Step Up

Q: How do you motivate your peers to take the initiative and have more accountability for their actions so you end up with the best results? —E.K. Smith, Kansas City, Mo. A: There must be a clear vision and expectation placed upon each individual in order to focus on the actions that need to be […]

The Power of Asking Questions

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who only responded in two- or three-word sentences, and you walked away feeling like you learned very little? The person might not have been intentionally giving you short answers; perhaps you could have phrased your questions better. A lot of people fail to understand the power of […]

How to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Do you understand your competition? High achievers need to know what’s going on with their competitors. It’s important to know how your competitors are talking to your existing clients or prospects. What are they saying about you? What are they saying about your business? Do they have an online footprint that you don’t have? Successful […]

What Do You Want Out of Life?

Good things don’t usually come through happy accidents. The most successful people design their own lives and then live their lives with purpose. Their first step is attaining clarity. I define clarity as understanding and documenting your personal and professional goals, and determining the “why” behind reaching them. It’s vital to developing a clear vision, […]

It Takes Intentionality to Create a Life You Love

Hopefully your finances are in the black. If they’re in the red, then you better have a plan to get into the black. I  think those expressions relate to more than just finances. They relate to our whole lives. But a profitable life—one in the black—isn’t something that comes naturally. It takes intentionally implementing better […]