Louis Zamperini: The Indomitable Man Dies at 97

Editor's note: Louis Zamperini, the American Olympian who spent 47 days lost at sea and two more years as a Prisoner of War, has died at the age of 97, his family reports in a statement. In this archive piece from July 2011, Zamperini describes what only can be described as the acts of an American […]

Man in Motion

Strike up a conversation with the co-creator of some of the world’s most enduring superheroe

A Progressive Model

What a nice idea: Provide gourmet fare, allowing patrons to pay what they can based on

Astronaut Bernard Harris Inspires Students to Soar

Bernard Harris recalls the excitement of NASA-sponsored speaking visits to schools and community centers. “I’d walk in wearing that blue flight suit, and the reaction I got, oh wow….” For a moment, remembering how those boisterous kids would abruptly quit roughhousing and become rapt with attention, the physician-turnedastronaut- turned-businessman is uncharacteristically at a loss for […]