Kim Kardashian: Tabloid Goddess, Selfie Queen, Babe Du Jour… Brand Genius?

Kim Kardashian is one of the most powerful brands of this decade—and there’s no denying it, whether you love her or hate her. You can’t walk by a newsstand or scroll any trending news feed without running up against something “Kim.” What she’s wearing, where she’s going, eating, doing, and who or what she’s conquering. […]

Don’t Be a Wallflower: 3 Ways to Heat Up Your Personal Brand

Nobody wants a wallflower. I hate to break it you, but it’s true. The vocal minority may complain when somebody really pushes the boundaries, but in all honesty, people want to have their world shaken up a bit. They want their buttons pressed. People want to stand up and take notice, and be wowed by […]

Madonna: The Evolution and De-Evolution of a Brand

I remember the first time I met Madonna. It was 1980 in New York City, and the disco thing was merging with the new wave thing to create a whole new kind of music genre. The city was alive with a new breed of artist: edgy, opinionated, daring and theatrical. This was the period where […]