Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany Cruikshank
Tiffany Cruikshank, L.Ac, MAOM, E-RYT, is the founder of Yoga Medicine.

4 Daily Stretches for a Healthy Body

By Tiffany Cruikshank | November 30, 2019

We spend way too much time sitting. To keep your body healthy, find a gentle pose you can breathe into. Happy stretching!

Feed the Positive Dog

By Tiffany Cruikshank | January 9, 2014

Research shows we can grow the positivity in our lives and then share it with those we live and work with. The more we feed the positive dog—the strategy for increasing an optimistic outlook in my book, The Positive Dog: A Story About the Power of Positivity  (—the bigger it gets and the stronger it…