10 Ways to Avoid Pointless Meetings

group of colleagues having productive meeting

Let’s face it: A lot of meetings are pointless. Follow these 8 ground rules to have more productive meetings, saving you time and money.

First Influences

It’s a role with no paycheck and no specific duties, but the position of first lady of the United States commands great influence. Throughout history, first ladies have influenced policy, championed social causes and even set fashion trends. Dolley Madison was the first to emerge as more than the woman behind the man when she […]

From the Corner Office: The Power of Change

Beth Comstock has a love for change, and she welcomes the unfamiliar. As chief marketing officer at General Electric, she attributes her ascent up the corporate ladder to her passion for new challenges and for conveying that enthusiasm to rally team members. “I might be a change junky,” Comstock says. “If you have seen my […]

A World Audience

YouTube and Facebook are changing the world with unprecedented dissemination of videos and photos. By providing unfiltered access to undiscovered talent, YouTube has propelled numerous unknowns— singers, actors and comedians—into the limelight. Because of both sites’ popularity among young voters, they potentially could influence the election. Candidates realized this early on, advertising on YouTube and […]

Profiles in Greatness: From Weak to White House

Known for his vigor, physical strength and limitless energy, Theodore Roosevelt didn’t start out that way. Born in 1858 to an affluent family, Roosevelt was an unhealthy child who suffered with severe bouts of asthma. “You have a sickly body,” his father told him. “In order to make your brains bring you what they ought, […]