Sam Silverstein

Sam Silverstein
Leadership Keynote Speaker Sam Silverstein’s mission is to empower people to live accountable lives, transform the way they do business, and to thrive at extraordinary levels. By challenging leaders to shift priorities, cultivate an organizational culture, and inspire both individuals and teams to take ownership in fresh and results-producing ways – he is helping companies dramatically increase productivity, profitability, and growth. Global Gurus recently announced Sam Silverstein as one of the World's Top 10 Organizational Culture Professionals.

Sam is the author of seven books including Non-Negotiable, No More Excuses, Making Accountable Decisions, No Matter What, The Lost Commandments and The Success Model As a former executive and owner, Sam’s manufacturing and distribution companies sold over $100 million in products and services. He successfully sold one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company. Today, Sam writes, speaks, and consults with organizations around the globe to think differently, work with renewed purpose, and achieve record-breaking results. He works with entrepreneurs, multi-national companies, corporations, and government agencies to drive increased engagement and productivity.

How to Keep Accountability High

By Sam Silverstein | May 21, 2020

When you have a full-time job and you’re starting a side hustle, living an accountable life is critical.

What to Look for in an Accountability Partner

By Sam Silverstein | May 14, 2020

It’s critical to have people in our lives that help us stay on track. So what does an accountability partner look like?

What It Means to Be Accountable

By Sam Silverstein | May 1, 2020

Sam Silverstein says accountability isn’t about holding yourself accountable; it’s about being accountable.

Make These 10 Commitments to Live a Truly Accountable Life

By Sam Silverstein | November 19, 2019

Accountability means being accountable to ourselves first—and that requires a special kind of commitment.

Why Accountability Is Key to Being a Better Leader

By Sam Silverstein | September 12, 2019

Accountability creates loyalty and trust, and once you create that, people will never want to let you down because they know that you’ll never let them down.

Jennifer Gilbert: Woman Warrior

By Sam Silverstein | April 11, 2014

While working for an event planner in Manhattan during the 1990s, Jennifer Gilbert saw an opportunity. In that post-recession era, corporations were reluctant to pay someone to plan their conferences and holiday parties, even though the companies were short-staffed and needed the help. Gilbert envisioned a business model in which clients didn’t have to pay:…

So You Can Breathe Easier

By Sam Silverstein | December 18, 2012

Navy veteran Tim McAuley is on a mission: to improve the air we breathe. For a guy who entered

Lift Every Voice and Sing

By Sam Silverstein | May 8, 2012

Sitting down to sip an iced tea at Sylvia’s, the famous Harlem eatery, Vy Higginsen exude