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Women-Owned Businesses: What Glass Ceiling?

By Sally Deneen | July 30, 2013

Newly crunched census statistics show the number of women-owned businesses with $10 million or more in revenue has shot up in the last decade by 56.6 percent. These businesses have increased nearly twice as fast as all women-owned firms and 47 percent faster than firms of the same size owned by men and women. “This…

Hate Wordy Memos?

By Sally Deneen | July 19, 2013

For 25 years, Gary Kinder has taught a tough crowd—lawyers—to write better and eliminate useless words. That prompted an idea to create patented software that takes about 30 seconds to suggest trims to a 10-page document to make it clearer and more concise. Now his WordRake software, launched last July and installed by nearly 1,000…

Don’t Lose Your Smartphone!

By Sally Deneen | June 28, 2013

Smartphones don’t just walk off or get shot into the night sky like a firework. But something apparently happens in July that does cause them to go missing. July is second only to December in terms of losses, the likeliest days being Fridays and Saturdays, and the likeliest hour being 6 p.m. This breaking news…

Time to Start a Business: MythBusters

By Sally Deneen | June 14, 2013

Myth: If you own your own business, you can spend less time at work and make more money. Reality: “The truth is you’re working all the time. When you’re not working, you’re thinking about it,” says Diana Kander, entrepreneur-in-residence at the Kauffman Foundation. But if you love what you do and you’re following your dream,…

What Type of Business is Right For You?

By Sally Deneen | June 13, 2013

FRANCHISE Pros: Instant name recognition—you’re associated with an established company, which may reduce risk. With standardized operations, systems and training, you won’t start from scratch creating your own. Some franchisors offer financing to buy a franchise, as do credit unions and banks. You can pick a franchise that fits your lifestyle—a restaurant that may require…

20 Questions Before Starting Your Business

By Sally Deneen | June 13, 2013

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Ask yourself these 20 questions to make sure you’re thinking about the right key business decisions: 1. Why am I starting a business? 2. What kind of business do I want? 3. Who is my ideal customer? 4. What products or services will my business…

Why You Should Start a Business Now

By Sally Deneen | June 12, 2013

You have probably given more than a passing thought to being your own boss, maybe even pursuing an entrepreneurial idea you’ve nurtured for a long time. Well, as the economy sputters to life again—with more resources, funding options and government incentives as well as pent-up consumer demand and an eager workforce—there’s never been a better…

8 Reasons To Take the Entrepreneurial Plunge

By Sally Deneen | June 12, 2013

1. The economy is picking up, and there’s pent-up demand from consumers, as Omar Soliman notices at his spinoff company College Hunks Moving, which benefits from the improving real estate market. 2. Crowdfunding provides another means of financing. Crowdfunding lets you ask the public for money for your small business or project via sites such as…


By Sally Deneen | May 1, 2013

Ninety-five percent of our thoughts, emotions and learning happen subconsciously, so it’s

Retail Revolution

By Sally Deneen | March 7, 2013

If former Amazon vice president Nadia Shouraboura is right, her high-end men’s jeans shop