3 Steps to Execute on a Successful Idea

3 Steps to Execute on a Successful Idea

New opportunities are exciting. It’s easy to want to jump the gun and follow the shiny objects, but when you jump in without a plan, your odds of hitting the target are slim.

Sick and Tired of Those Boring, Unproductive Time-Sucks Called Meetings?

How much time do you spend in meetings? Too much? That’s because today’s workforce is becoming more and more team oriented—and as it does, the number of internal meetings keeps increasing. The weekly status meeting where everyone goes around the room and gives an update? Now standard practice… even though many people find it to […]

9 Things Great Leaders Do Differently


Good leaders do things well. Great leaders teach and inspire others to do things well. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime, right? The same concept applies to leadership: Successful leadership must contain equal amounts doing and holding others accountable. The best-performing companies have leaders that do and teach, […]