How to Incorporate Slow Travel Into Your Vacations

Woman in a hat with backpack traveling

The desire to travel is a very real thing that we can see all around us—from our close friends’ Instagram stories to content creators’ travel vlogs that highlight every step of the traveling process, including packing, hopping on the plane and taking in the sights.  With international tourism expected to climb back up to pre-pandemic […]

The 7 Best Books to Help Improve Your Relationships

Happy couple sitting on couch smiling

All types of relationships, from romantic to platonic and everything in between, are complicated. We all approach them differently, especially since each is so unique. But one thing we know to be true is that relationships often require work, whether it be communicating more effectively, learning to set boundaries, or just generally trying to show […]

Want to Become a Mentor? Follow These 5 Steps

Woman mentoring another woman

Take a few moments to think about the individuals who have had the biggest impact on your life. Most likely, these individuals consist of family members, teachers, a work supervisor and friends who served as mentors. A mentor is someone who offers support, gives advice and helps guide others through a personal or professional journey. […]