Is AI Helping or Hindering Online Dating?

a man and a woman taking a selfie on the woman's phone

When you read discussions about dating online, there seems to be one consensus: it’s an exhausting endeavor. On a thread on r/AskMen, Reddit user CampusBoulderer put it this way: “Dating apps turn something that should be fun and exciting into a grind. Do your 50 swipes, get onto the next app, copy paste your intro phrase […]

Equitable AI for All: How Developers Combat Bias in AI Algorithms

A robot hand holds the scales of justice.

Bias and discrimination are often inadvertently built into the algorithms we rely on. Here’s how some tech developers working toward equitable AI are correcting that. Data scientist and author Meredith Broussard doesn’t think technology can solve most of our issues. In fact, she’s concerned about the implications of our dependency on technology—namely, that technology has […]