Mike Monroe

Mike Monroe
Mike Monroe is a Christian, husband, dad, marketer and wannabe athlete. Mike started working at Vector Marketing in 2000 as a student at Boston College. He wanted to stick out from the crowd and develop himself professionally. Nearly two decades later, that goal hasn’t changed. Learn more at TheVectorImpact.com.

Entry Level Employees

3 Things I’ve Learned From Managing Entry-Level Employees

By Mike Monroe | March 27, 2019

They’ve taught me how to be a better manager, a better worker and a better person—and they can do the same for you.

5 Instagrammers Who Are Crushing the Personal Branding Game

By Mike Monroe | October 12, 2018

Instagram is a visual playground for 800 million users and counting, according to stats compiled by Smart Insights. While part of the social network’s draw might be following celebrity accounts, there’s another benefit: The platform offers stellar examples of personal branding. I’m not talking about those celebrities who do it for a living. I mean…