How an Ex-Con Went from Inmate to Entrepreneur

Nineteen-year-old Frederick Hutson had a thriving business in 2003. The young entrepreneur took delivery of kilos of marijuana from a drug cartel in Nogales, Mexico, at a mailbox store he owned in Las Vegas and then repackaged and shipped it to contacts in Florida. There, his accomplices distributed the pot and sent cash back to […]

Exhibiting at a Trade Show?

You’re heading to your first trade show and just know you’ll make a killing from your exhibit in that one weekend. Why not? You’ve got a great attitude, you’re marketing the best product in your industry, and you’re the master of your 10-by-10-foot exhibit-floor realm. But Jeff Overall, founder and CEO of Polar Pro Filters, […]

How to Make the Most of Trade Shows

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, which puts on the giant Consumer Electronics Show each year, says the key value of exhibiting at trade shows lies in face-to-face business interactions. He gives these tips for making the most of shows: 1. Invest money and time in pre-show promotion. 2. Arrange appointments […]

Is Coding the New Kids’ Football?

To hear Ethan Duggan tell it, his sojourn into the high-tech world of app development began last year when his mom came home from a shopping spree laden with dozens of new dresses, skirts and tops. “She kept asking me how she looked,” recalls Ethan, a seventh-grader at Bob Miller Middle School in Henderson, Nev., […]