4 Ways to Get a Great Reference Recommendation

I work in the recruitment field, which means I’ve had to call on many professional references. While a lot of them offer honest, positive feedback about the person in question, it doesn’t always help the job seeker’s cause. Why? Because even an incredibly glowing review might neglect to showcase relevant skills and talents—actual qualifications for […]

Woman to Woman: 5 Ways to Make Your Mentor Relationships Blossom

Like it or not, many women still struggle for equality in the workplace when it comes to pay, benefits and treatment. And particularly in male-dominated fields, women can feel alone in the unique challenges that they face, which is why it’s a great idea to have a mentor to help you work past any hurdles. […]

5 Steps to a Phenomenal Phone Interview

Job interviews can make even the most confident among us to break out in a sweat, but phone interviews? We usually see them as a more relaxed, low-pressure version of the real deal. But while you might not be donning your interview attire and taking a seat across from the big boss, phone interviews are […]

6 Reasons Why Job Hopping Is OK

Many professionals shy away from moving between jobs regularly, fearful of being viewed as flaky or even—gasp!—a job hopper. And while there’s something to be said for the stability and comfort that comes from a long-term position, sometimes moving between jobs can be beneficial for your career. Job hopping hasn’t always been so accepted. In […]

Job Seekers, Don’t Forget to Spell Chek

No matter how qualified you are for a job, if your résumé isn’t up to snuff, it’ll likely land you at the top of the reject pile. An unpolished résumé suggests a lack of professionalism to recruiters, so it’s crucial to avoid making even the slightest slip-up. Here are six of the most commonly made […]