Michael Roizen

Michael Roizen

These Are the Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

By Michael Roizen | March 24, 2018

Use these tips for communicating with your doctor.

7 Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

By Michael Roizen | December 17, 2017

Keep your ticker in optimal shape at any age.

The Importance of Family Medical History

By Michael Roizen | October 21, 2017

Family health history can and should be empowering.

What’s Most Important: Sleep, Exercise or Diet?

By Michael Roizen | August 16, 2017

Health is not a compromise.

Is Therapy Right for You?

By Michael Roizen | June 17, 2017

The biggest cure might not be in a pill bottle, but in making sure you don’t stay bottled up yourself.

9 Easy Ways to Naturally Increase Your Energy

By Michael Roizen | April 14, 2017

Because natural energy lasts way longer than five hours.

How to Know If You’re Healthy Enough

By Michael Roizen | February 25, 2017

11 health tests you definitely shouldn’t be skipping

7 Healthy Resolutions You Should Make

By Michael Roizen | January 2, 2017

No. 1: Practice deep breathing twice a day for five minutes.

3 Important Health-Care Decisions to Consider

By Michael Roizen | October 16, 2016

Always be prepared.

9 Easy Ways to Stay Mentally Sharp

By Michael Roizen | August 15, 2016

Just like your body, your brain needs a daily workout.