Michael Pietrzak

Michael Pietrzak
Michael Pietrzak is a mindset and habits coach to entrepreneurs. He founded So You Want to Write? Inc., which helps writers improve and get published. Michael is passionate about weightlifting, great books and playing guitar.

3 Ways to Get Inspired

By Michael Pietrzak | March 22, 2017

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Do These 5 Things—If You Want an Unremarkable Life

By Michael Pietrzak | March 10, 2017

Strategies for people who’d rather stand still and stay exactly where they are

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4 Ways to Actively Reprogram Your Thoughts

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5 Business Fundamentals I Learned Washing the Dishes

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How My Startup Got Me Locked Up in an African Jail (Almost)

How My Startup Got Me Locked Up in an African Jail (Almost)

By Michael Pietrzak | June 7, 2015

Last winter in Zambia, three large strangers were shoving me into the back of a truck. That’s when I decided to kill my African startup. This is my story—of wild failure, of corruption, bush mechanics and betrayal by a once-trusted employee bent on having me locked up in jail. The lesson? Do not cut corners…