6 Things Effective Leaders Always Say

Too often we forget our most basic goal in business—to create relationships with clients, customers, prospects, colleagues, shareholders and, at the center of it all, employees. Lou Solomon, the founder of Interact, a leadership communication consultancy, says if employees are to thrive and unlock the next great idea, the one that will make everyone else […]

6 Ways to Unlock Your Charisma

I was painfully shy growing up. I struggled in new situations around people I didn’t know. I didn’t speak up until I was almost 10. Somewhere along the way I decided it would cost me too much to stay uncomfortable and invisible, so I put myself out there. Today, as the founder of a firm […]

Mom Warned Me about Running with a Bad Crowd

Growing up I often heard my mother say that so-and-so had “fallen in with the wrong crowd.” She told me this as a precautionary tale because that meant this person was taking on the bad habits of the company he or she was keeping. I’d like to think that adult logic takes over at some […]