Krister Ungerböck

Krister Ungerböck
Krister Ungerböck is the founder of the global Talk SHIFT movement. He’s a sought-after leadership communication speaker, award-winning CEO, and author. He’s been featured in national publications such as NPR, Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur for his fresh perspective on leadership, business growth, emotional intelligence, and employee engagement. Talk SHIFTs are simple, powerful, and practical changes to our words that can transform frustrating communication at work and at home. Talk SHIFTs adapt best practices from the relationship research world to create great leaders — while applying the best thinking from the business leadership world to create great families.

how to lead with vulnerability

3 Ways You Can Lead With Vulnerability and Why It’s Important

By Krister Ungerböck | June 28, 2020

Follow these steps to nurture your emotional intelligence and give your organization an authenticity infusion.

Question Everything

By Krister Ungerböck | May 16, 2014

We all know that kids ask a lot of questions. But here’s the real mystery: Why don’t adults ask more questions? Blame it on a grown-up world that tends to put more value on having answers than asking questions. Many of us think of a “questioner” as someone who’s more a thinker than a doer,…