Jim Motavalli

Jim Motavalli

5 Inspiring Companies That Rely on Teamwork to Be Successful

By Jim Motavalli | February 16, 2016

How complementary skills and resources can multiply results beyond the wildest expectations

2015 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: Elizabeth Holmes

2015 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: Elizabeth Holmes

By Jim Motavalli | January 18, 2016

Her company, Theranos, may own the future of health care.

2015 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: Matt Salzberg

2015 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year: Matt Salzberg

By Jim Motavalli | January 18, 2016

The co-founder and CEO of Blue Apron helps people get food the way they want: fast and fresh.

How to Leave Behind Work & Take a Real Vacation

By Jim Motavalli | May 15, 2015

Small-business owners and corporate employees are often reluctant to take vacations because they worry that their companies will suffer while they’re away. But Paul Howard, a co-owner of Cliff Bell’s jazz club in Detroit, has learned that leaving is advantageous. “The farthest I’ve gone is a bike trip to the Andes, cut off from all…

What These 24 People Learned at Milestone Birthdays

By Jim Motavalli | March 2, 2015

SUCCESS asked 24 leaders from many walks of life to look back on their revelations—especially when they reached 30, 40, 50, 60 and even beyond—and pass along the lessons they’ve learned. Their insights from achievements and setbacks provide takeaways that can guide you in making a difficult decision or avoiding a major misstep. Christine Ha…

The Power of All-You-Can-Eat Marketing

By Jim Motavalli | February 12, 2015

Sunday brunch at The Silo, a fine-dining restaurant in Greene, N.Y., is a belly-buster. For $17.95 per person, The Silo offers an all-you-can-eat spectacular, starting with Bloody Marys and champagne, then moving on to unlimited portions of eggs, bagels and lox, blintzes, seafood Newburg, corned beef hash, and a chef-carved meat station with roast beef, turkey and…

Steal These 3 Netflix-Inspired Marketing Ideas

By Jim Motavalli | February 9, 2015

You’re probably familiar with the term binge watching. You might be doing it right now. With Netflix’s Reed Hastings on the cover of the March issue of SUCCESS (on newsstands Feb. 10), we found it a perfect time to point out that any business, big or small, can offer similar product packages to the on-demand,…

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Secret: Follow the Money

By Jim Motavalli | January 17, 2015

A serial entrepreneur with an obsession for cars, Scott Painter started his first business before he could even drive; he was only 14 when he founded Scott’s Auto Detailing. “I never detailed one car myself,” he says. “I was like Tom Sawyer and had all the neighborhood kids working for me.” He was still on…

Peter Thiel: Changing the Way You Think About Business

By Jim Motavalli | November 14, 2014

Anthropologist Margaret Mead said it first: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Entrepreneur Peter Thiel, the first outside investor in Facebook and a founder of PayPal, has made billions with a similar philosophy. Looking at tech startups in his…

Cargo Bikes: Pedal Power for the Last Mile

By Jim Motavalli | August 19, 2014

One of the funniest bits ever on the TV show Portlandia is Fred and Carrie attempting to move some poor family’s household goods on bicycles. Yes, it’s very Portland, but it’s also part of a new trend that’s actually kind of serious. “Twenty-five percent of all intra-urban goods can be delivered via cargo bike,” claims…