Jason Dorsey

Jason Dorsey

Unexpected Wisdom

5 Steps to Find the Right Mentor for You

By Jason Dorsey | February 15, 2015

Take five seconds and think of your ideal mentor or coach. OK. Who did you think of? Whether we’re 15 or 55, most of us probably thought of someone older than ourselves. That makes sense, because we tend to value mentoring most when it comes from someone who has more experience and expertise. Accumulated knowledge typically comes…

Ignite Innovation ART

4 Ideas to Ignite Innovation

By Jason Dorsey | May 13, 2014

Can boring people be creative? I’ve met many people who claim that in order to be creative, you have to “think outside the box” or “let your inner creative take over.” If that’s the case, I fail. I like boxes, especially strange-looking ones that make unexpected noises when you open them. My inner creative has…

Carpe Dream

4 Simple Steps to Live Your Dreams

By Jason Dorsey | March 11, 2014

You deserve a reward, right? Seriously. You’ve earned it. I’m not saying this because I’m in Gen Y and think everyone deserves a trophy (although you’re welcome to send me one via Facebook). You’ve earned a reward because you’re investing your own time to read, learn, be challenged and take risks to move forward. Most…