Does Who You Are Match What You Say?

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When it comes to being a good leader, integrity is important. Without it, leadership is a façade. Here’s why—and how to ensure you have it.

My Grandmother Taught Me My Greatest Life Lesson

My Grandmother Taught Me My Greatest Life Lesson

I learned from my grandma that the seeds of greatness are not special genes, dependent on the gifted birth, the inherited bank account, the intellect, the skin-deep beauty, the race, the gender or the status

7 Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating

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Are you a procrastinator? The science of physics recognizes two laws of inertia, both of which can be related to procrastination. No. 1, “Standing objects tend to remain stationary” and No. 2, “Moving objects tend to stay in motion.” Which one represents you best? And how can you go from “standing” to “moving”? Try these […]

How Far Can Your Dreams Take You?

How Far Can Your Dreams Take You?

Imagination and motivation are powerful things, and with them on your side, you have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Need proof? Take the story of how the first bridge over the Niagara River near Niagara Falls was built in 1847…. You see, to build a bridge over the giant […]

8 Ways to Balance Your Workload for Max Productivity

The drudgery and routine of our daily lives presents the greatest danger to our dreams. Why? We run the risk of losing our focus and motivation to achieve what we want most. By re-energizing and renewing ourselves frequently, though, we can avoid burnout and become much more motivated and productive. Balance and consistency are the […]

A Dad’s Lesson: ‘Keep Your Light Bright’

A Dad’s Lesson: ‘Keep Your Light Bright’

My dad had a keen imagination. When I was little, we would often play a good-night game that became our special ritual. He would come into my room to talk to me and listen to the triumphs and tragedies of my day. As he was leaving, Dad had a way of leaning back against the […]

6 Confidence Boosters

Author and speaker Denis Waitley says there are six behaviors that increase self-esteem, enhance your self-confidence and spur your motivation. Incorporate these habits to become a more confident person today. 1. Greet others with a smile and look them directly in the eye. A smile and direct eye contact convey confidence born of self-respect. In […]

Going for Gold in Life

In Beijing this summer we’ll see those five brilliant, interlocking Olympic rings on flags