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Deborah Huso

Deborah Huso
Deborah Huso is a Virginia-based freelance writer specializing in business, lifestyle, and travel subjects. She is also a regular book reviewer for SUCCESS. Her publication credits include FamilyFun, Military Officer, Appraiser News Online, Women's Health,, USA Today magazines, Alaska Airlines Magazine, WellBella, and The Progressive Farmer, where she serves as contributing editor. Huso also publishes a popular blog on love, motherhood, and work called "I Only Love You Because I Have To" at Visit Huso online at, or follow her on Twitter @writewellmedia.

When Human Trafficking Hit Home, This Unlikely Activist Gave What Victims Needed Most—Jobs

By Deborah Huso | September 6, 2015

There is very little about Apricot Lane Boutique Founder and CEO Ken Petersen that strikes one as activist, not on first glance anyway. A former fire captain in Vacaville, California, Petersen launched the women’s retail clothing boutique franchise in 2007 and now has 80 stores in 36 states. “You know, a lot of firefighters go…