Can’t Control Your Impulse to Interrupt People Mid-Sentence?

Just let me finish!!! Are any of you like me? Your mind speeds ahead when listening to someone talk, they pause and you… jump in and finish their sentence? We can listen four times faster than we can talk—which is why so many of us are prone to “interruptitis.” Interruptions are unacceptable and rude, no […]

7 Thoughtful Ways to Stress Less

How many of you want to grow old faster? What, no takers?! Well, did you know you accelerate your aging when you regularly experience stress or anxiety? Seriously, if you’re too tired or too wired, take note of the seven strategies here to help you stress a little less: Related: 11 Strategies for Managing Stress […]

7 Keys to a Flawless Conversation

A Flawless Conversation

The ability to hold a natural conversation is key to success in the professional world. Knowing when to initiate a discussion, keeping it interesting by asking effective questions, sharing your own stories and ending dialogue with kindness is an art. So, are you a smooth talker? Learn how to create connections in conversations by following […]